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Published on 29 December 2021

Mondee Inc and battleface have partnered to provide travel insurance products to the TripPro specialty groups department. The new partnership allows the creation of custom, modular travel insurance products available through the TripPro Travel Agency platform.

Modular, customizable products: Travel insurance companies have historically offered pre-packaged plans consisting of bundled benefits like Trip Cancellation, Baggage Loss, Travel Medical, and more. This traditional approach leaves very little opportunity for travelers to build a customized plan based on their individual needs, leading to higher costs and unnecessary coverage. battleface offers modular travel insurance plans so travelers no longer need to settle for outdated, one-size-fits-all insurance plans.

The importance of Trip Cancellation coverage: Trip Cancellation coverage should be a critical component of travel planning. Airlines, cruise lines, tour operators, and even hotels can impose strict cancellation penalties—up to 100% of payment—if a trip must be canceled last minute. Purchasing Trip Cancellation can protect against losses from unforeseen events.

What about instances not covered by Trip Cancellation? For increased flexibility, travelers can purchase Cancel For Any Reason coverage. This add-on benefit must be purchased within 15 days of the initial trip deposit; other conditions and limitations apply. 

What about COVID-19? COVID-19 is treated like any other sickness that might occur before or during a covered trip, regardless of vaccination status.

Government travel advisories: Finally, the U.S. State Department issues travel advisories and warnings to mitigate risk to citizens traveling internationally. Advisories are posted in response to a variety of issues such as safety concerns, COVID-19 restrictions, and political instability. While some insurance companies may not cover travel to countries under a travel advisory, battleface, with certain exceptions, will cover travel to those countries. Please see plan documents and government travel warnings for up-to-date information and current exceptions. 

MONDEE Specialty Groups have you and your groups covered. With over 60 years of Experience in Group Travel. REQUEST QUOTE.

Pro Tip: Be sure to secure travel insurance within 15 days of trip deposit to ensure coverage for pre-existing conditions and qualify to purchase Cancel For Any Reason.

For more information about Travel Advisories Click Here.

Travel Insurance plans are underwritten by Spinnaker Insurance Company (an IL Corporation, NAIC# 24376), with administrative office at One Pluckermin Way, Suite 102, Bedminister, NJ 07921. Plans are offered and administered by battleface Insurance Services LLC, 629 N. High St. 6th Floor, Columbus, OH 43215, National Producer Number 18731960 (FL License number L107363/CA License number 0M75381. This is a brief description of the coverage provided under policy series RIG-1000, the Policy will contain reductions, limitations, exclusions, and termination provisions. Please refer to the policy for complete details. If there are conflicts between the information on this document and the Policy, the Policy will govern in all cases. Not all products or coverages may be available in all jurisdictions.

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